Belgian *Endive Salad / Blue and Chimay cheeses/ Roasted Pecans/ Sliced Gala Apples $9.95
Red Heirloom *Beet salad / Crumbled Blue Cheese / Toasted Pecan Nuts $9.95
Romaine Lettuce Caesar Style / Boqueron Anchovies/ Toasted Bread/Parmesan cheese $9.95
Ahi Tuna Carpaccio / Lemon and Yuzu Vinaigrette/ Sesame and Poppy Seeds Tuile/ Ginger Mayonnaise $12.50
Leeks Quiche / Mixed Greens $9.50
Eggs Benedict / Smoked Salmon or Ham/ Mixed Greens $10.95
Egg sandwich/Toasted Muffin/ Fried Egg/ Confit Onions/ Bacon/ Gruyere Cheese/ Mixed Greens $10.95
Cheese Omelet/ Ham or Mushrooms / Belgian Fries / Mixed Greens $10.50
Croque Monsieur or Madame /Mixed Greens $8.50
Buckwheat Crpe /Spinach/Ham/ Gruyere Cheese/ Tomato/Fried Egg $13.95
"Meyer Ground Beef" Burger /Chimay Cheese/ Bacon/Confit Tomato and Onions/Mixed Greens/ Belgian Fries $16.95
Grilled Salmon / Lentils du Puy/ Dijon Mustard Sauce $23.95
Grilled Trout / Sweet Potatoes Puree / Braised Brussels Sprouts/ Saffron White Wine Sauce $22.50
Mussels Burger /Sweet Potatoes Fries /Aioli Sauce $15.95
Steamed Mussels Marinieres / Garlic and White Wine/Belgian Fries $19.50
Steamed Mussels Pastis /Tomatoes/ Saffron/ Shallots/ Garlic/ Ricard Liquor/ Belgian Fries $21.50
Brunch Menu - Desserts
Gaufre de Bruxelles $8.00
Profiterole, glace vanille sauce chocolat $8.00
Profiterole vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce  
La mousse au chocolat de ma Maman $8.00
Mama’s chocolate mousse  
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream $8.00
Ile Flottante $8.00
Meringue floating on a Vanilla Custard Cream  

Split Plates are subject to additional $2 Charge.
Any substitution in the menu is subject to an additional charge of $2.50.

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